Summer Camp

After class, horses and riders cool off!

Enjoying lunch and then lecture.

Test day! Tests can be fun! Put the sticker with the body part written on it on your horse!

Fun around the farm

Best Buds

Nick riding Patron ponying Lucy through our pond

One of the beautiful rainbows we frequently get

Being so close to the ocean, we get sunsets such as this!!


Lucy digging for grass

Home Pictures



Driving around the neighborhood

Horse Shows and Riding


We received a 9 for this halt!


2012 E.I. Hunter Pace, Team Topshelf wins!!

Fidel an I made the Washington State Horse Park flier!

Pairs class champions, Haley and Amber!!

Penny at her first show and winning every jumper class she was in, and jumping 3 feet higher than needed over every jump

Feelin' Lucky who I sold to a little girl to do Pony Club on


From Racehorse to jumping machine!

Barn Dogs